Cleansing with Selenite

Posted by Crystal Shack on 10th Mar 2021

Cleansing with Selenite

Cleansing crystals is a very important practice and when you buy crystals from us, you will see us cleanse them with sage in front of you. But why do you need to cleanse crystals? Crystals are millions of years old and they have picked up energy from everyone they have come into contact with over those years. So cleansing crystals gives them a fresh start and makes them yours.

There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals.

  • Salt
  • Moonlight
  • Sunlight
  • Burning Sage
  • Buried in the Earth
  • Brown Rice
  • Running Water

But the easiest way is by using Selenite.

Selenite is a powerhouse of a crystal. You may have heard it called “the king of crystal chargers”, and it gets this name for a reason. Selenite is a crystal that cleanses itself and magnifies the energy of other crystals. Selenite also doesn’t corrode or damage the crystals, which can happen with other cleansing methods.

You will see a variety of shapes of Selenite including:

Regardless of what shape you use, the main things to remember are to make sure you have a large surface area to make contact with the Selenite, and to have contact for 24 hours to fully cleanse the crystals. Any other questions ask us!