New Beginnings

Posted by Teresa Kristara on 27th Mar 2020

New Beginnings

Hi Everyone, my names Teresa and I'm pretty passionate about crystals, today I would like to talk about new beginnings, I see life as chapters in a book when one has ended a new chapter starts, this is where the crystal shack is at this time, the ending of a old chapter and the beginning of a new one as we move premises in a weeks time.

So the new crystal shack will support sustainability, ethics and fair trade as well as supporting local artists in the area. We will be bringing in sound therapy as this is a important tool for healing. I am also excited to announce that Blackwater Witch will grow alongside this new chapter of the crystal shack.

we are excited to be able to offer workshop talks and a readers corner and really become a corner stone of the community.

As we are in Imbolc and the start of a new year it really is the best time for something new, to start that project or dream you have thought about for so long, or trying something you never thought of before. With all paths in life sometimes guidance can ease the journey and with that in mind here are our recommendations for your own guidance into your first steps to a new you.


The best time for rituals, intent and whist full dreaming is the new moon, the start of the cycle of the moon to come full circle, just as its a sign of fresh starts the Moonstone is a gem whose bright color is a reassurance to those starting something new. I personally recommend moonstone for new job interviews and difficult life decisions to help brighten your way to were you need to be.

Moonstone crystals have been long used as a stone for new beginnings, Moonstone allows understanding of the proper action at the proper time, to allow you to nurture and reap the harvest of your creations. let this stone of the moon be a light to guide you down the unknown paths in your life journey.

Self Discovery, Mystery, Intuition, The Goddess, Insight and Dreams


Amazonite is a fabulous crystal for creating a fresh start, this blue-green crystal helps you make positive life changes. Amazonite assists one in communicating higher truths and higher knowledge, it increases your faith in yourself and your own choices, It is a stone of truth and to navigate a new path with amazonite as your crystal mentor.

Truth, Communication, Harmony, Self Knowledge and Dreams

Thank you everyone, next month I will be talking about Angels and I cant wait to see you all then! but until then...

"Nurture Your Spiritual Health and Wellbeing"