Posted by Crystal Shack on 19th Mar 2021


It’s our favourite time of the year - Ostara

Ostara is a Pagan sabbath that celebrates the reawakening of the Earth after the deep sleep of Winter.

Imbolc is the start of spring and is all about the agriculture and fertility of the land. Ostara celebrates all of this Imbolc promise has come to fruition. It is the first day of Spring!

It is also the Spring Vernal Equinox which can sometimes be confused as the same as Ostara. The Equinox is the astrological occurrence that launches the beginning of Spring. This is one of only two times a year where the Sun rises due east and sets due west - no matter where you are on Earth! The point of perfect balance - dark and light, masculine and feminine, and waning and waxing. The Earth is reawakening and the Sun is regaining its strength making the days longer and warmer.

One of the biggest symbols of Ostara is the hare, the totem animal for many lunar goddesses, which makes sense as hares are the symbol for the moon. The hare is also a symbol of fertility as hares can conceive whilst already pregnant - perfect for Ostara. Check out our hare related products to help celebrate the season.

Need some more ideas of how to celebrate? Check these out!

Things to do:

  • Connect to nature - This time of year is all about nature. There are so many ways to celebrate
    • Go for a walk
    • Go bird watching
    • Tree bathing
    • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Work on your balance
    • Literally work on your posture
    • Work on harmony and balance - maybe try some yoga
  • Embrace your inner child!
    • Fly a kite
    • Skip rocks on water
    • Go berry picking or foraging

No matter how you choose to celebrate this season - we hope you have a blessed time warriors.

(Enjoy all your Chocolate Eggs!)