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This Chakra Healing Crystal Set have been carefully selected to give a complete healing experience, focused specifically on each of the seven major chakras. Tumblestones in varying sizes ranging from 3 grams to 11 grams approx ( The crystals stones size are approximately 15-20mm) 
Each set contains the following crystals:

CROWN – Clear Quartz Clearing, Cleansing, Healing, Energetic

THIRD EYE - Amethyst Protection, Meditation, Calming

THROAT - Sodalite Harmony, Trust, Communication, Intuition

HEART – Green Aventurine Harmony, Balance, De-Stress, Calm

SOLAR PLEXUS - Citrine Abundance, Confidence, Positivity, Personal Power.

SACRAL - Carnelian Determination, Self-Worth, Passion

ROOT/BASE – Red Jasper - Vitality, Physical Strength, Protection

These crystals can be placed on the body or by using your intuition if it directs you otherwise. For example, maybe your intuition guides you to use amethyst on your heart chakra and green quartz on your third eye. There are no right or wrong ways to use the chakra crystals and chances are if you feel "guided" to use a certain crystal on a certain point, it is most likely to be the most beneficial point to place it.

Don't forget to regularly charge and cleanse your crystals. Cleansing can be as simple as running the crystal under the cold tap while visualising the negativity being washed away. And a night on your windowsill in the moonlight (full moon is particularly effective) will give your crystal an energy boost. Sunlight works just as well, but some crystals may fade.

All Crystals have been cleansed energetically with Sage.